Different Types Of Pooja Cloth And Their Uses

We produce all types of pooja items, including poshak, aasan, and other items, utilizing a variety of textiles. We produce stitched fabrics specifically for puja and ensure that the goods are handled with care.

  • Cotton cloth: The full red puja cloth is constructed of cotton. In Hindu rituals, this cloth is utilized as a sign of adoration for the god. This crimson cloth will significantly improve your spiritual work and meditation.
  • Velvet cloth: The idols in the pooja room can be supported by the velvet cloth. As an alternative, you might create a velvet aasan for puja by arranging numerous layers of velvet.

The finest puja decoration is a velvet aasan, and the material has considerable artistic importance.

  • Satin cloth: Versatile satin altar cloth, Satin cloth is used to make vibrant pooja cloths for serving our deity for user puja altar and multiple purposes. The satin altar cloth's exterior golden border increases its shine.
  • Gota work: Gota is essentially Lucknow-made gold and silver lace. The weft yarn in this metallic lace is covered in metal, and the warp yarn is made up of ribbons of cotton and polyester fiber. The cloth is coated in small zari bits with stitched-down edges that create designs, mainly used for aasan.
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