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Cotton Janeu | Sacred Thread Janeu

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  • Contain - Cotton Thread Janeu
  • Material - Pure Cotton
  • This Yagnopaveeth is made from the highest-quality thread
  • Janeu is used in each and every pooja.
  • This is a full-sized Yagnopaveeth. Janeu is used in each and every pooja like Ganesh Pujan, Maa Laxmi Pujan, Satnarayan Paath, etc.
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After turning twelve, brahmin boys participate in the "upanayan sanskar" while wearing a sacred white thread.

  • Made up of pure cotton, every single pooja, such as the maa laxmi puja, ganesh puja, uses janeu.
  • The janeu is 96 times longer than the width of a finger,12 months, 7 days a week, 4 vedas, 15 significant dates, 3 gunas, as well as 64 kala and 32 vidhyas.