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Copper Hanging Vastu Dosh Surya Yantra | Surya Yantra Wall Hanging Home | Home Decoration Items

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Vastu Dosh Surya Yantra






Length: 23 cm Width: 23 cm Height: 2 cm Weight: 200 Gram (Approx)


The placement of the Surya Yantra on a Sunday, on the east wall, has a calming effect and effectively removes negative energy from individuals.

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As you gaze upon the Copper Surya Yantra, allow your mind to be drawn into the radiant energy of Lord Surya. Feel the warmth of the sun within you, illuminating your thoughts and clearing away distractions. With each breath, focus on the intricate details of the yantra, letting its form guide you towards a state of deep concentration. Trust in the power of this sacred symbol, a conduit for the divine light of Lord Surya. As you meditate, believe that its positive effects are taking root within you, fostering mental stability and clarity. Let the sun's energy invigorate your mind, bringing forth increased focus and a sense of inner peace.