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Copper Hanging Vastu Dosh Surya Yantra | Surya Yantra Wall Hanging Home | Home Decoration Items

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Contain Vastu Dosh Surya Yantra
Dimension Length: 23 cm Width: 23 cm Height: 2 cm Weight: 200 Gram (Approx)
Material Copper
Color Brown 
Used Surya yantra was placed on the east wall on Sunday. It helps in giving calming effect and draws negative energy from a person.
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About this product


The lord surya can be the subject of meditation with this yantra. You'll become more concentrated and mentally stable as a result of this.

Material and its uses

  • Made up of copper.
  • On sunday, a surya yantra was fixed to the east wall. It assists in providing a relaxing effect
    and drains a person's negative energy.
  • This yantra is the portal that will allow you to connect with heavenly energy.