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Pooja Backdrop Cloth

Puja Cloth

It is utilized during religious events, rituals, and ceremonies. It is fashioned of auspicious hues since it is wrapped around deity idols and altars. In order to decorate the prayer chamber and serve as a seat for idols and yantras, a satin alter fabric is frequently utilized in the altar.

Cotton Pooja Cloth

This puja cloth is made entirely of cotton. This cloth is used in hindu rituals as a symbol of devotion to the deity. These different colored clothes will significantly improve your spiritual activities and meditations.

Satin Fabric For Puja

It can be placed on mata ki chowki, puja tables, deity thrones, wooden bajot, pedestals, etc. Puja altar cloth is composed of pure quality high-grade micro satin silk fabric and can be used as the foundation of your temple, particularly on the chowki of any puja or god puja table/god aasan/hawan.

Velvet Pooja Cloth

It is made of velvet and has a border of zari that can be utilized in the pooja mandir to hold idols. The pooja area is made prettier by the velvet clothing. The purpose of placing the red velvet cloth aasan for pooja on an altar is to divinely adorn both the space and the idol. Gods' statues shouldn't be stored on open land, according to ancient texts.