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Pooja Cloth for Mandir (Red) | Mandir Backdrop Cloth for Puja

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  • Content - Pooja Cloth for Mandir ( Red )
  • Material - Satin
  • Dimension - 39 inches (L) X 38 inches (W)
  • It is used as a backdrop for Krishna, Durga, and other deity idols to brighten the area.
  • Specially Designed for Diwali Pooja
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About this product


Pooja Cloth For Mandir {Red}

According to vastu, the color red is a
suitable choice for your home's temple. Red is a color that represents luck,
fortune, vigor, festivity, and prosperity.

About this product

  • Material is satin, 39 inches (L) X 38 inches (W)
  • It enhances the puja altar's color and vibrancy, symbolizing the strength and power of the
    goddess durga, and is thought to strengthen the energy of the offerings laid out on it.