What Is Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra, or the more thorough understanding of traditional Indian architectural and design principles, is the literary component of vastu vidya.

Vastu vidya is a collection of adaptable principles and ideas. Instead, these principles and ideas serve as models for how space and shape should be organized within a building or group of buildings depending on how they work in terms of how they interact, how they are applied, and the vastu as a whole.


Benefits Of Vastu Shastra

  • Financial Excellence: A tidy, well-lit home exudes more positive energy. vastu shastra is thought to increase luck and positivity, as we previously mentioned. Gains in money are frequently the first manifestation of this fortunate.
  • Benefits To Mental And Physical Health: Apartments built using vastu principles are intended to make the most of every square inch. The structure permits the greatest amount of natural light and air to enter while following the rules. These elements support the improvement of physical wellness.
  • Improved Relationships: The inner fulfillment and calm that every being yearns for are enhanced by the age-old wisdom of vastu shastra people who live in vastu-compliant homes tend to have better and more satisfying relationships because they are encouraged to engage in better intrapersonal and interpersonal behavior.


Significance Of Vastu Shastra

  • For more than 500 years, the Indian culture has placed a high value on vastu, particularly when planning the layout of a building or creating a room.
  • Vastu and shashtra are sanskrit words that translate as "teaching" and "science," respectively. Vastu shastra is sometimes referred to as the "science of construction" or "architecture."
  • Every room in your house has a unique purpose. Even common objects like furniture or paintings have allotted locations where, if kept, they can foster harmony and positivity.
  • Vastu Shastra is the name of the subject of study that focuses on the intentional construction and design of a home with these particular considerations in mind.


The five elements of nature can be maximized into the wellness of each inhabitant of the house using the principles of vastu, which are today recognized as a sound science of building.

This explains why learning about vastu shastra is essential for everyone who plans to build a home, whether they do so by buying a new piece of land or a new prefabricated residence. Additionally, implementing vastu shastra concepts in your office can significantly increase the commercial value of your property.

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