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Tibetan Buddhist Metal Tara Maa | Tara Buddhist Fengshui Décor Gift Idol Statue

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  • Contain - Tibetan Buddhist Metal Tara Maa
  • Material - Gold / Sliver Plated Metal
  • Dimension - 3cm X 10.5 cm X 9 cm
  • Use -To decorate living room, pooja room, foyuer, altar, meditation room or entrance to your home or office. And can be placed on top of table or can be installed or placed anywhere indoor/outdoor/home/garden. You can use this item for gifting purposes also. It is best suitable for anniversary gifting, housewarming party, birthday gifts, office opening parties, retirement gifting, festive gifting, etc. It can also be used to gift someone good luck in marriage.
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About this product

Tibetan Buddhist Metal Tara Ma

In buddhism, tara is a goddess who delivers people from suffering. In mahayana buddhism, she is revered as a bodhisattva (the "essence of enlightenment"), and in esoteric buddhism, notably vajrayana buddhism (also known as tibetan buddhism), she is revered as a buddha and the mother of buddhas.

About this product

  • Material is gold\silver plated metal, 3cm X 10.5 cm X 9 cm.
  • Decorate the entryway to your home or workplace, the living room, the pooja room, the foyer,the altar, and the meditation room.