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Camphor For Pooja Mandir | Pure Camphor Tablets

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  • Contain - Camphor Tablets
  • Material - Turpentine oil.
  • Color - White
  • Used - The occasion of Diwali, Navratri, Wedding, Pooja, Rakhi, Holy places, and fantastic Pooja items.
  •  Pure Camphor is burnt during an arti or puja because it purifies the environment around us and is considered to be a symbol of purity of calming down ones mind. When one burns Pure Camphor, positivity is spread around. It's strong ecstatic fragrance/aroma also removes the unwanted vibes present around us.
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About this product

Camphor Tablet For Pooja

The chemical known as camphor was previously produced from the wood and bark of the camphor tree. Nowadays,
camphor is mainly produced using turpentine oil.

About this product

  • Pure camphor is burned during an arti or puja because it purifies the air we breathe and is regarded as a symbol of purity and mental calmness.
  • Used in diwali, navratri, weddings, poojas, rakhis, pilgrimages to holy sites, and wonderful pooja goods are all occasions.