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Laddu Gopal Makhan Krishna Statue Idol

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Contain  Laddu Gopal Makhan Metal Statue
Dimension  9.5 cm x 11 cm x 8 cm
Material Metal
Color Golden
Used These are ideal for decorating your living room and house.
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About this product

Laddu Gopal Statue

Shri krishna's childlike form is called bal gopal or laddu gopal ji. one of the most beloved hindu deities is him. He is revered and treated with respect, much like a member of the family.

About this product

Material is metal, 9.5 cm x 11 cm x 8 cm

The laddu gopal murti is worshipped by hindus in their homes and temples because they believe that laddu gopal will bring their family members happiness, prosperity, and good fortune.