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Laddu Gopal Designer Woolen Dress | Handmade Laddu Gopal ji Winter Dress Set of 2 (Size 2 & 4)

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  • Content - Laddu Gopal Ji Woolen Dress ( Set of 2 ) With Shawl
  • Material - Woolen
  • Suitable for -  Number 2 & 4 
  • Perfect wear for daily & festival
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About this product

Laddu Gopal Ji Woolen Dress With Shawl

Your Kanhaji looks excellent in a gorgeously hand-knitted woolen dress for a formal setting. The garment comes with a gorgeous cap and stole that match and have vibrant color combinations.

About this product

  • With a matching cap and stole, one Laddu Gopal Poshak was included. This excludes Laddu Gopal Idol.
  • Set of two, size number 2 & 4.