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Laddu Gopal Woolen Shawl | Laddu Gopal Woolen Blankets Size 4 to 6 Woolen Muffler (Set of 2)

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  • Contain - Laddi Gopal Shawl
  • Material - Woolen
  • Suitable For - Laddu Gopal Size 4 & 6 No.
  • This dress is a very beautiful dress, which can give a different look to your kanha ji , a very comfortable dress for your laddu ji.
  • love by the hands of skilled craftsmen from Vrindavan to give your Ladoo Gopal Ji a Unique and beautiful look.
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About this product

Laddu Gopal Shawl

This outfit is stunning and may provide your kanha ji a different style. It is also extremely comfy for your laddu ji.

About this product

  • Woolen, 4 & 6 number size.
  • Using the expert vrindavani craftsmen's hands, your ladoo gopal ji will have a distinctive and lovely appearance.