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Three Layer Vastu Pyramid Vastu Devta Yantra for Positive Energy

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This Pyramid for Vastu Dosha Nivaran and Positive Energy is an excellent tool to ward off vastu doshas in your home and workplace. Its pyramid vastu yantra is a powerful medium to bring in positivity and prosperity.

About this item.

  • This is very well crafted of Metal and a hollow pyramid inside it, which multiply the accumulated energy.
  • The Metal Pyramid is used for spiritual healing, energy multiplication and meditation also. This Vastu Pyramid neutralizes the dark forces and negative energies and brings harmony.
  • A perfect gift for wealth and prosperity.
  • it can be placed as paper weight on important documents which we need to speed up for good results, monetary gains, good fortune.


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About this product

To prevent vastu doshas in your home and place of business, use this pyramid for vastu dosha nivaran and positive energy. Its vastu pyramid yantra is a potent tool for attracting luck and riches.

  • This is made of metal and is expertly built, and it has a hollow pyramid inside that multiplies the gathered energy.
  • The vastu pyramid promotes peace by dispelling evil forces and negative energy.
  • The price of the product is Rs. 249